4 trendy color palettes for your spring wedding

The spring season is filled with plenty of fresh, beautiful colors. The hues you pick out for your big day can help determine the theme and style of your nuptials, so pick carefully! Plus, the shade you choose will help you determine which wedding invitations to send, and how to decorate your ceremony and reception. Pantone has revealed its top picks for spring 2014 – any of these trendy colors could easily be incorporated into your spring wedding and are a perfect fit for the season:

Paloma is a light shade of gray and can be combined with other neutrals or with bright hues for your spring wedding. This cool shade is timeless and can be used in virtually any area of your big day. Your bridesmaids can each rock a different style dress all in the same paloma shade. You could also set up a confetti bar filled with different shades of gray that guests can combine into a bag and throw in celebration upon your exit.

The spring season is filled with lots of sunshine, and you can reflect this in your wedding with the color freesia! This bright yellow shade gives off positivity and exudes happiness. You can use a whole lot of the color using freesia-hued centerpieces on your reception tables, or you can opt for a small splash of the hue, painting the shade on your nails. The vibrant color will pop against your white gown.

This gorgeous color is similar to mint and is pretty when paired with other shades of green. Combine various green blooms for your bridal bouquet, ask your baker for hemlock-colored buttercream frosting, or rock mint-colored shoes under your dress. This trendy color is beautiful however you decide to use it.

Placid Blue
An elegant and delicate hue, placid blue is a pretty mix between gray and blue. Set up a blue tablescape, complete with placid blue plates and vases filled with blooms in both dark and light shades of the color for a dramatic contrast.

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