4 wedding decor ideas for the worldly couple

One wedding theme that is gaining popularity among couples is travel. It's especially perfect for those people who met while traveling or simply share a passion for seeing the world. Here are a few fun ideas for your travel-inspired nuptials:

Wedding invitations
Set the tone for your wedding theme by sending out postcards or stationery featuring a map of where you two are planning on tying the knot. This Cosmopolitan Invitation features all of your important information surrounded by a map and adorned with a compass.

Globe guest book
Instead of the traditional guest book, consider using a vintage globe. Set out a few black markers and your guests can circle some of the best places to travel to and can share their well wishes with you. Use this globe as a piece of retro decor in your new home.

Name each reception table
Name your reception tables after a different country, state, region or city. Place your guests' names on a large map at the front of the reception so they know where they're sitting.

Luggage tags
Give your guests a stylish and customized luggage tag that can serve as a keepsake from your wedding long after the festivities have come to an end.

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