Celebrate graduation in style

Graduation is a big deal! Therefore, you must celebrate the right way. No more boring punch bowls and bland decorations. With all the right party planning tips and graduation announcements, you can throw a party that lives up to the excitement of the event itself.

  • Graduation-themed foods – Amp up your party with foods that reflect graduation. Create your own sweet treats that reflect graduation caps using a mini Reese's cup, a square of chocolate and a bit of fabric for the tassel.
  • Personalize your decor – Aside from classic decor like table runners and streamers, think about making your party a bit more personalized. Using some twine and clothespins, create your own graduation photo display to hang at the party. Include a strand of childhood pictures and another strand below it of present-day photos.
  • Create a memento – Try leaving a T-shirt of the college that the guest of honor will be attending and having all of the guests sign it, leaving notes of love and luck.
  • Food flags – Spice up your sweets by adding some flags to the top of them. Cupcake flags could range from patterned shapes to graduation cap silhouettes. They can also be used as a modern way to label food stations.
  • Fun centerpieces – For a creative and colorful centerpiece, fill a few lightbulbs with the candy of your choice – preferably boldly-colored ones like Skittles or M&M's for an easy way to brighten up the space.

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