Chalkboard-themed wedding ideas

Chalkboards are no longer just for the classroom – they’re making a big statement in the wedding industry as well. From reception decor to wedding invitations, this rustic style can be incorporated into various areas of your big day. Consider any of these creative ideas for your chalkboard-themed nuptials:

Wedding invitations
You’ll want to set the tone for your big day early on by sending your guests appropriately themed invitations. This Chalkboard Invitation displays your exciting news and important information in a vintage fashion on a tea-length invite. The black and white color palette provides a simple charm and the intricate designs in each corner perfectly frame your wording.

Inform your guests of exactly what will be on the menu by placing a large mirror at the front of your reception. Cover the surface in chalkboard paint and handwrite all of the menu options. With a large chalkboard, you won’t have the stress of designing individual menus.

Bride and groom signs
Make sure everyone knows where the newlyweds are sitting at the reception by hanging chalkboard signs with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” written on them. These vintage signs can also be used as creative props in your engagement photos, save the date announcements or thank-you cards.

Table numbers
Label your reception tables with little picture frames covered in chalkboard paint. Surround the numbers with flowers or candles to turn it into a rustic centerpiece. You could also cover old wine bottles in chalkboard paint, draw the table number on the surface and fill them with flowers.

If you’re planning on having a buffet or a few dessert tables at your wedding, ensure that your guests know what they’re eating by labeling each dish with a chalkboard sign. Not only does it incorporate your theme, but it is a super easy and low maintenance way to label each food.

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