Including Fido in your “I do”

Ways to include your pet in your wedding
We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. So why not have your best furry friend to be the best man at your wedding…or ring bearer or flower girl or the one to announce the bride’s entrance?

Here are some fun and creative ways to include your dog in your wedding.

If your dog is well trained and calm, have it walk down the aisle with you and stand beside you during the ceremony.

Be sure your pup is dressed for the part. A bow tie or collar of flowers will make your dog look festive.

Have your dog be your ring bearer. Tie the ring pillow to the dog’s collar. Unless your dog is perfectly behaved, don’t use your real rings on the pillow.

When your dog is the flower girl, your processional will be full of “awww”. Have the dog carry a basket of petals or flowers, and have someone ready to take the basket when your pooch reaches the front of the ceremony.

Make a sign to go around your dog’s neck announcing “Here Comes the Bride” or other fun wording to make its walk down the aisle touching.

If your dog doesn’t like crowds or can’t be trusted to sit and stay at your ceremony, arrange for someone to bring it to you so you can have photos taken with it.

Here are some helpful tips you’ll want to plan for when your dog is part of the wedding.
• Ask someone the dog knows and trusts to be its guardian for the time it’s at the wedding. This person can make sure the dog has water, food, toys and a chance to rest when it gets tired.
• Make sure your wedding site is safe for pets. Visit to get the layout of the property and note the location of ponds or streams, if it’s near a major road or if there are other animals around.
• Ceremonies are great for having dogs participate. But receptions – where there is food and people milling and loud conversation – can be confusing and too stimulating for dogs. Arrange for someone to take your dog home after the ceremony.

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