Easy ways to embellish your invitations

Your wedding invitations not only say a lot about who you and your future spouse are, they also give guests an insider look at your nuptials. Even if you already love website them for. Has
the invitations that you’ve purchased, you can embellish them with a few elements to really make them your own. Consider any of these decorative add-ons:

Give your invitations a finishing touch by tying some colorful ribbon around the stationery. You could even punch a hole in the corner of your invite and slide a ribbon or piece of twine through the hole to create an adorable bow.

Pearls evoke everything from femininity to romance. Add on a few pearl-toned beads to give your invitations a classic look. Place a single pearl in the middle of a bow or attach several pearls to lace ribbon for an old Hollywood-type vibe.

Give your invites a little extra sparkle and shine by adding miniature Swarovski crystals, small rhinestones or colored jewels. These help give simple stationery a touch of glam.

Consider attaching a tag to your wedding invitations. It provides more visual interest and gives you a unique way to convey information to your guests. The tag could have your wedding date printed on it, or a fun fact about you and your future spouse.

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March 31, 2014

I like the ideal,it is simple but sweet.

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