Engagement party 101

Once your other half has finally placed the ring of your dreams on your finger, take a few days (or weeks) to bask in the happiness and excitement of the fact that you’re engaged! But before you jump into wedding planning, you have the engagement party to think about. After all, your engagement is definitely something to celebrate. Here are some tips for going about the process:

Send out invitations
Send out personalized invitations to your friends and family to announce your engagement and invite them to the party. But keep in mind that everyone who attends the engagement bash should also be invited to the wedding, so don’t ask anyone to come who won’t be getting an invite to the nuptials.

Choose the hosts
It’s completely up to you to decide who is going to host the party. However, it’s traditionally the bride’s parents. Or maybe the groom’s parents and the bride’s will come together to co-host an event. It’s also not unusually for the couple themselves to host the party (although the bill will be yours). Friends can also throw the engagement party, but before you ask, be aware of the financial implications.

When to have the party
The engagement party should take place about nine to 11 months before the wedding day. You can plan to have it within a few months of the proposal.

Decide on the type of soiree
The formality of your engagement party is completely up to you. Oftentimes it’s a simple cocktail party, but that is not the only option. Choose a venue that works for you, whether it’s your own home or maybe the restaurant where your fiance proposed.

Gifts for the host
If your parents or good friends decide to host the big bash for you, it’s common courtesy to show your appreciation with a gift. It could be a simple thank you card, a bouquet of flowers or tickets to a movie.

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