Essentials you’ll need for your wedding reception

Your wedding reception will be a success as long as you and your spouse, as well as your guests, have a great time. But to really perfect the evening, here are some party planning ideas to add to your list:

Coasters can be used for much more than just placing drinks. These coasters are a great conversation starter piece for guests at the tables. The guests can simply offer the bride and groom their advice, whether it’s for marriage in general or advice on how to get creative with future date nights.

A guest book
A guest book is the perfect way to remember who was at your wedding and what they had to say to you both on your big day. But don’t be afraid to get creative with this. Some couples choose to put out bottles of wine and silver markers for their guests. Each person can sign the bottle, and on your anniversary, you can pull this out and toast to a happy marriage.

Wine glasses
Personalized wine glasses won’t only come in handy during your wedding reception – these glasses are a one-of-a-kind memory that you can also take with you. Each time you pour you and your spouse a glass of wine, use this special stemware to bring back the memories of such a special day.

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