Four awesomely creative bachelorette party ideas

The only event that may be anxiously anticipated as much as the big day itself is the bachelorette party! It's the last time the bride-to-be will be going out as a single lady and it's the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your best gal pals that you'll remember for years to come.

  • The ugly dress party: Find a few of the ugliest dresses in existence (there might be a few gems at the thrift store) and get ready to party. You can opt to go out on the town in them so others can admire your fashion sense or host a party at someone's house if you would rather not be seen in public.
  • The bake-your-hearts-out party: Get together with your favorite girls and have everyone join in on baking anything from cupcakes and cake to cookies and pies. You could even serve them at your wedding! Just don't eat all the dough before you get a chance to bake them – this I know from experience.
  • Luxury camping party: Venture out into the woods and stay in a decked-out cabin or a good old fashioned tent in the mountains. Bring some cocktails and comfy pillows and blankets to relax.
  • Scavenger hunt party: Go out with your bridal party for a bar-crawl type game that is entirely customizable and sure to be a blast.

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