Fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Guys seem to have it easy on Valentine’s Day – they can search through personalized holiday cards, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers and a necklace and be set. But if you’re giving your guy a gift, jewelry and flowers probably won’t cut it. Here are a few ideas that will earn you the title of best girlfriend ever:

Home brewing kit
If your guy loves beer almost as much as he loves you, give him the opportunity to brew his own! Once he masters the process, you can both sit down with a frosty glass of his custom beer and cheers to your relationship. You can even make some custom DIY labels that he can attach to his beer bottles.

Juice pack smartphone case
Give him two gifts in one: the power to charge his phone wherever he is and a protective case for his smartphone. The juice pack is made for iPhones, comes in multiple colors and is a charger and phone case all wrapped up in one.

French press
Everyone could use the gift of freshly brewed coffee or tea in the morning. This will save him time and money because he will no longer have to make a pit stop at the nearest coffee shop for some caffeine.

GoPro camera
This gift may be on the pricier side, but if your husband or boyfriend loves to do extreme sports like surfing, water skiing, bungee jumping or snowboarding, he will certainly get a lot of use out if it. This camera can be fastened to the chest or helmet to take photos and videos, offering an extremely unique point of view.

Bottle opener ring
Who says women are the only ones that can get jewelry on Valentine’s Day? Present your significant other with a ring – but not just any ring. You can get him one that serves a purpose, like a ring with a bottle opener built in.

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