Have fun with these spherical wedding invitations

Looking for a fun, bubbly yet stylish wedding invitation design? Ditch the the standard rectangle cardstock and opt for a spherical invitation style instead. This unexpected shape is sure to stand out from any other wedding invites your guest may be receiving  this year.

Make a vibrant statement with the Beautiful Colors invitation in pewter. This grey damask design is made to order. A vibrant header featuring yellow, blue and white damask prints demands the reader's attention, guiding them down to the outlining ceremony details, which are printed below in white ink. The cards are mailed out in square shaped envelopes featuring the grey damask print as the inside envelope liner. A custom seal printed in grey neatly displays the bride and groom's address to alert guests as to what might be inside the envelope.

If you're looking for a unique twist on the classic black and white color combination, consider ordering the Chalkboard Wreath invitation. Three cylindrical layers of black cardstock are decorated with a white branch border. The top layer features the name of the bride and groom situated in a white scroll, with the names printed in Marine ink. Couples have the choice to have a verse printed on the middle layer and the final sphere is used to relay the date, time and location for the wedding ceremony.

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