Patterned wedding invitations

Patterned wedding invitations offer a modern look that can provide a unique and creative vibe to your wedding style. From chevron and plaid to stripes, lattice and geometric patterns, there are plenty of dynamic patterns to choose from! Here are a few of the patterns that we're in love with this season:

Lattice: Check out this Lovely Lattice Layered Pocket Invitation and see why so many brides are crazy about lattice. The design can be used to create a border or can be used as a stand-out background. The pattern provides an elegant twist that adds just the right amount of uniqueness.

Paisley: You can never go wrong with a paisley pattern. Depending on the colors used, it can evoke a number of different vibes. This Moroccan Twilight Layered Pocket Invitation, for example, gives off a tribal, modern, indie feel that really sets the tone for the event.

Chevron: This popular pattern is becoming huge in the wedding industry – and it's no question why. This versatile design can be used on anything from invites and reception decor to cakes and favors. This Mod Chevron Pocket Invitation gives off a bold and dramatic feel.

Swirls: Swirls and circles can turn an invite from drab to fab. Just take this Circles Invitation for example: It's simple color combined with the intricate detail of the pattern work together to create a stunning final product.

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