Host the perfect outdoor movie night in your own backyard

Host an outdoor movie night in your own backyard!
If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to bring your friends together for a night, consider turning your backyard into an outdoor movie theater! Rent one or two newly released DVDs or stick in a classic black and white film and return to yesteryear. Send out a creative, themed invitation, such as the Movie Production design or A Golden Red Carpet Event card to get guests excited for the film premier! Whatever genre you choose, make sure to have these outdoor movie party essentials reeling and ready to go:

Concession stand – You can’t go to the movies without a snack in hand! To create your own concession stand, situate a fold-up table near the projector screen. Use a table cloth to decorate and situate different food stations along the table. Fill brown bags with homemade popcorn, fill a basket with a variety of $1 candy boxes from the grocery store, and pack a cooler with ice and different sodas.

Comfy seating – Offer guests plenty of room to sprawl out in the backyard with adequate seating options. From blankets to oversized cushions, one of the most important aspects that will make or break your outdoor movie screening are the seating accommodations. You may also want to spray your yard 1-2 days beforehand to help keep pesky bugs from irritating moviegoers.

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