Preparing for a baby

If you’re getting ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world, there are a few final steps you and your partner should take to make sure you’re prepared for your baby’s arrival. Keep these checklist items in mind once you’re within a month of your due date to ensure you’re ready in case your little boy or girl decides to make an early debut!

Install the car​ seat – This safety feature can be challenging to install for new and experienced parents alike. Make sure you know how to secure the car seat before the baby arrives, otherwise the hospital won’t let you leave. Once you have the car seat locked into place, it’s best to leave it in the car so it’s ready to go.

Pack your overnight bag – A change of clothes, hygiene items and your baby’s coming home outfit should be packed a few weeks before your due date. The last thing you want to be doing while in labor is running around the house trying to put your things together. Once you’ve got everything organized, put the bag in a closet by the door so it’s ready to go when you and the baby are.

Helping hand – Make sure that you have some extra hands for the weeks after your newborn arrives. Whether it’s a family member or friend coming to stay with you, hiring a babysitter to watch after the older children or a weekly visit from the cleaning lady, the less you have to worry about those first few weeks the better. If you already have children or a pet, it’s a good idea to have a plan in advance for someone to come and care for the pet or children while you’re in the hospital.

Send out your baby announcement – After the initial whirlwind of welcoming your baby into the world has settled down, send out an announcement card to your friends and family. The Proud Introduction card is the perfect way to introduce your new baby to the world.

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