Summer Party Ideas: How to decorate with flowers

It’s that time of year again when friends and families make an extra effort to spend time together and enjoy the beautiful weather! Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or an outdoor fete, there is no better way to spruce up the table or seating area than with some pretty flowers. Here are a few of our favorite blossoms for summer and how to style them:

– Use your pool, pond or fountain area in your backyard to hold floating flowers. You can scatter loose petals in the water or opt to create pretty clusters of flower heads. Roses, carnations and peonies are lovely options for a garden party. If you are hosting a tropical-themed get together, orchids and king protea blooms will add to the exotic decor.

– Pamela Scurry, entertaining expert and owner of Pamela Scurry’s Wicker Garden in New York City, offers her go-to tip for creating extra-full flower arrangements. In a Country Living Magazine interview, Scurry revealed that she uses both fake and real flowers in her arrangements. The key to pulling off the look is to examine the fake flowers thoroughly to ensure they look real.

– Ensure your flowers stay fresh and perky throughout your dinner party by prepping the stems accordingly. After purchasing flowers, cut the stems at an angle before placing the flowers in your vase. Scurry also recommends putting flowers in warm, rather than cold, water because the head will get any air bubbles out of the stems.

– Make your table arrangements extra-special by using seasonal flowers. Some of the best flowers that are available during the warm months include bird of paradise, chrysanthemum, peony, hydrangea, lilac, dahlia, iris, freesia and allium.

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