Wedding trend: naked cake

Naked cake trend
There’s so much talk about dressing up your wedding cake with the frosting type, the color, the design, the pattern.

Well, the latest wedding cake trend is definitely UNdressed!

Naked cakes – no frosting whatsoever – are gaining popularity with all brides for weddings rustic to elegant.

Even though your cake will be unfrosted, there are a lot of great ways to bring out the cake’s inner beauty.

Between the layers

This is your cake’s chance to show its inner beauty. Choose a yummy and colorful filling with fresh fruit arranged around the edge. If you choose chocolate or caramel filling, make sure it drips elegantly over the layers. If you’re having a garden or gourmet wedding, add herbs and edible flowers between the layers.


You can still have a big, tiered wedding cake! Naked cakes look especially unique when there are traditional pillars between tiers. Frost just the top layer of each tier, or go more unadorned with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and an arrangement of flowers.

What’s the flavor?

You love raspberry, he loves chocolate, mom wants lemon? Have them all, and let their flavors shine through without frosting. You could also make your cake match your colors by tinting white batter. Still obsessed with the confetti cake you loved as a kid? Naked cake will show off the fun bits of color.

Top it off

Don’t forget the cake top. Make it an arrangement of sugared fruit or fresh flowers that accent the rest of the cake. Go streamlined with simple monogram letters. Go vintage with a pair of doves or a little bride and groom. Go sweet with a little banner. Go minimal with a clear acrylic or glass cake top engraved with your names.

And then – watch guests go wild for your naked wedding cake!

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