Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring is FINALLY upon us!  The season where everything starts fresh – the grass is green and the flowers start to bloom. Try incorporating spring’s freshness into your wedding invitations.  This is a great theme with a wide variety of colors, designs, and paper options that are timeless.  Check out the Flowery Vintage Invitation, Rosy Vintage Invitation, and the Wood and Petals Invitation, which are some of our favorites. Just look at the wood detail on the Wood and Petals invitation – amazing. Flower invitations and enclosures will be on trend and a crowd pleaser.  You will have your guests stopping to smell the roses!

Rejuvenation will literally be springing from your invitations with gorgeous pops of colors and paper textures.  If you aren’t into all the flower power talk, don’t worry!  There are many other themes that incorporate spring – a whimsical aspect or pastel colors can give the same affect.

Make sure that when picking out a spring invitation, you know what aspects you are able to personalize.  Like are you able to change the flowers to incorporate your wedding colors, or change the color of the text to make it your own.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up.  Pastel flowers on a ecru paper – what a beautiful look!  Spring invitations are classic – yet ultra romantic. This is a new season, a new beginning for you and your special someone – let it be represented in your special day. Whatever you choose it is sure to be spectacular!

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