Black is the new orange

Halloween Pumpkins
We are a little competitive here, so when fall rolled around and someone brought up the idea of a pumpkin-decorating contest, we put our game faces on.

We all became secretive with our design plans and headed to the nearest craft shop to get started.

Once the contest was done, one thing was clear… black was back.

Here’s how we did it:

a. Get some stylish chalkboard paint and glitter for a special touch. Draw some scary faces… so simple it’s spooky.

b. Paint a pumpkin black and cascade glitter over the top. Add a decorative ribbon to complete the look and you just became the craftiest one of them all!

c. The witch is in. Empty the pumpkin and spray paint it. Place fake spider webbing across the top and stick witch legs in the opening.

d. Skip the carving. Drill holes into a pumpkin in your choice of design. You will be screaming, “IT’S ALIVE” when you light it up at night!

e. Paint a pumpkin all over in Halloween colors and add a cute witch hat. This idea is perfect and fun for young kids!

f. Oh so many uses for duct tape. Use some in a great design to cover a whole pumpkin. And presto you have a chic pumpkin!

Poll closed. 🙂

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