New! Self-Adhesive Wax Seals

Contemporary wedding invitation featuring white ink printing on black paper show with a translucent wrap closed with a self-adhesive wax seal

Do you love the elegant look a wax seal adds to a wedding invitation suite, but not sure you have the time to create dozens of perfectly stamped seals?  There’s an easier way to get the look you love – self-adhesive wax seals. They’re mess-free, easy to use and the adhesive is super-strong.

Seven Designs! Seven Colors!

Collage showing the colors of the self-adhesive wax seals available in the Trend Collection from Carlson Craft

You’ll find something to suit every style. There are seven enchanting designs to choose from, including greenery and floral motifs, lovebirds and more. Each design is available in a range of colors, allowing you to coordinate with your stationery and personalize your message even further.

Self-adhesive wax seals with a peel-and-stick back

What sets these wax seals apart is not just their stunning designs, but also their effortless application. No more fussing with hot, messy wax – simply peel and stick for a flawless finish every time. The adhesive holds securely, but guests will be able to remove them in one piece to save as a keepsake. We recommend applying these easy wax seals to inner envelopes or using them as a closure for Trend Collection pockets or vellum wrap invitations.

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