Saw it, tried it, completely crushed it

Mother’s day is right around the corner…May 8th to be exact… which is 9 days from now.  Don’t panic – we were searching for the perfect gift as well and found something that will make your mom smile.

We found an adorable Mother’s Day Photo Flower Pot from Courtney at A Diamond in the Stuff, who has a great tutorial by the way.  Your mother will love it and it will make you look like you tried extra hard this year. Oh and it’s easy on the pocket book.

So like anything we suggest, we had to try it out first before telling you that you should do it. We gathered all our materials, glued on the pictures and added decorative tape to jazz it up a little bit. Things were going great.

Then we waterproofed it.

And the Mod Podge sealing spray made the photos smear.  We were bummed to say the least.  We think it’s because we used actual photos instead of printed ones like the tutorial.

So we tried again, this time not using the Mod Podge spray… it turned out fabulous.

Once it was a success we added all the goodies to it – the flower bulbs and planting gloves.

So what are you waiting for? Get started so you have the ultimate gift for your mother this year! In no time you will be the favorite once again!


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