We’re crushing on: quick and easy Thanksgiving place cards

Yep, Thanksgiving is next week. Yep, that’s only about 5 days left to get everything done. Don’t freak out. (Too late?)

Well, okay, then here’s one less thing to freak out about: a unique and sweet place card idea. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s fall-ish. It doubles as a favor. It will look great on your table. We could go on and on about what a great idea this is, but we’re in a time crunch. So.

Here’s what you need:
• as many apples as you have guests (get the good ones, like from a local farm or an heirloom variety)
• more apples to fill a pretty bowl for the table
• card stock to match your Thanksgiving table (kraft, brown, gold)
• scissors
• short pins

Here’s what you’ll do:
• print out the names of your guests on the card stock
• cut out a leaf design around each name
• pin the leaf behind the stem of an apple
• add a little ribbon or jute cord for accent if you want

Then arrange them on the table where you want people to sit. Like, put your annoying sister in law at the other end of the table from you. You know.

That’s IT. You’re welcome. Happy Thanksgiving.

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