We’re Crushing On: DIY Twig Letters

While you’re raking up leaves this fall, make sure to save the sticks! We have a DIY
craft that you will absolutely love.

Here is what you will need:
– Sticks
– Large letter (you can find these at any craft shop)
– Glue gun
– Glue sticks (and lots of them!)
– Pruning tool

Here’s how to craft it:

Take sticks and measure where they can fit on your letter. When you are done
measuring, use the pruning tool to cut down each stick.

Once you’re done laying out everything, it is time to begin gluing!

When we started we noticed that when we were gluing, not all the sticks fit perfect
like they did when we laid them out. So we ended up doing a second layer to cover
up any open spots. We do need to warn you, this project take a lot of glue sticks!

When everything is dry you can tie a ribbon to the back and hang it up. Happy fall

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