We’re crushing on…DIY Valentine’s mugs

Valentine's gifts with personalized mugs, hot cocoa and cute burlap bags
Roses? Old school.
Candy? Cliché.
Something handmade, clever and really cute? Crush!

Here’s what we’re giving our friends and sweeties for Valentine’s Day – DIYing mugs decorated with permanent markers and filled with favor bags of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Here’s what you’ll need:
• ceramic mugs with a smooth surface
• permanent markers in the colors and thickness you like
• packets of instant hot chocolate or cellophane bags with homemade hot chocolate mix
burlap favor bags with a heart design
• marshmallows

Here’s what you’ll do:
• wash your mugs and dry them thoroughly
• write your message in permanent marker and let the ink dry for several hours
• put the mugs in the oven before it’s preheated, set the temp at 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes
• if you really want the design to stick, let the mugs cool and then re-bake
• add hot chocolate packets or bags of mix to the burlap favor bags
• tuck the bags inside the mugs
• don’t forget the marshmallows!

Cost? You’ll save a lot if you get your mugs at the dollar store or thrift store. Hot chocolate packets are about 60¢ each if you get the good stuff (and your Valentines deserve the good stuff); less expensive if you make the mix yourself (there are lots of mix recipes online). Burlap bags are about $1.60 each.  And you have a million permanent markers already, right?

Time? Each mug will take about 5 minutes to wash and decorate. Assemble the burlap bags while the mugs are drying and baking. When they’re done, add the bags to the mugs and deliver.

Bring on the hugs.



Valentine's gifts with personalized mugs, hot cocoa and cute burlap bags

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