We’re crushing on…welcome spring bags

DIY linen bag gifts fit for spring
Hello, spring? Are you really here?

If we make super cute little bags and fill them with springtime treats and give them to all of our friends, will you promise to stick around for good?

Well, it’s worth a try.

Here’s what we got:
• drawstring bags
• springy items like seed packets, little garden tools, gardening gloves, fresh flowers, etc.
• individual letter stamps
• ink pad (dye, not pigment)

Here’s what we did:
• stamped a little message on the bag
• filled with the springy treats
• delivered to our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors

Wouldn’t these make adorable little Easter basket or May Day basket alternatives, too? You can find linen drawstring bags at your local hobby store or online. If you’d like to use this idea to create spring wedding favors, check out the printed linen bags found in our selection of reception favors!

Time: less than 10 minutes to stamp and fill each bag

DIY linen bag gifts fit for spring

DIY linen bag gifts fit for spring

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