How to Postpone a Wedding

We can only imagine how disappointing current events are for all couples getting married in the next two months. The coronavirus has turned so many things upside down, and now you’re left choosing how to move forward.

Should we reduce our guest count or postpone the wedding?

Of course, the answer depends on the couple and what they feel is most important to them as well as whether or not vendors will refund money or be flexible. Read our post from Friday called Wedding Planning: Addressing the Unexpected for some helpful tips.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, the next step is communicating it. If you’re postponing your wedding, traditional wedding etiquette says to send out printed announcements but the use of technology is completely acceptable. If you choose to send announcements, you can send reception cards with the appropriate wording (see below) but make sure the announcement gets to recipients at least two weeks before the wedding date. If you choose to use email, Facebook or some other form of technology, you can use the same wording.

Wedding Postponement Wording

We are writing to inform you

that the wedding of 
Anna Wilkinson and Cameron Baker

has been moved due to recent events

to Saturday, the eighth of October

so we can celebrate without current restrictions

we wish you good health

in the coming months!

If you have decide to reduce your guest count, consider this wording.

Reducing Guest Count Wording

We regret to inform you

that due to current events

the guest list for the wedding of

Anna Wilkinson and Cameron Baker

will be reduced to accommodate

current recommendations from the CDC

please know we were so excited

to celebrate with each of you

and hope to do so in some other fashion

in the very near future

until then we wish you good health

in the coming months!

No doubt, this is a tough decision! Some couples may feel strongly that they want to celebrate with everyone on their list or they may find they simply can’t reschedule at the same venue within the year. Postponing is a great option for both reasons. Other couples may feel that the most important thing is simply saying their vows and they’re happy to do that with 10 people or 200. Do what’s right for you, and remember that your wedding will still be incredibly special no matter what changes may come.

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