The Art of Print: Thermography

Contemporary pocket wedding invitation featuring a chic medallion design and wording printed in raised thermography ink.

When it comes to wedding invitations, each element plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the celebration of a lifetime. Thermography, often referred to as “raised printing,”  offers the look of engraving for a fraction of the cost, and pairs beautifully with other print processes, like the embossed wreath shown in the invitation below.

Elegant wedding invitation featuring a delicate foil-embossed wreath and a monogram printed in raised thermography ink.

What it is: A fine resin powder is evenly distributed over freshly applied ink, and immediately run through a heating chamber, where it melts and fuses with the ink. As the mixture cools, it forms the raised effect characteristic of thermography printing.

What it does: Thermography printing mimics the luxurious look of traditional engraving at a fraction of the cost. Its raised surfaces are also more resistant to smudging and smearing, ensuring that the invitations arrive in pristine condition.

The result: The result is nothing short of spectacular, inviting guests to run their fingers over the beautifully raised surfaces. This tactile experience makes the invitations not just a visual delight but also a sensory one.

Classic wedding invitation featuring a deckle edge and wording printed in raised thermography ink.

This versatile print process isn’t just for invitation wording. Designs printed with thermography inks have a slight shine and smooth feel. It provides rich coverage with a polished look that jumps from the page.

Wedding invitation featuring wording and a boho-chic border printed in raised thermography ink.

Thermography printing is a timeless choice for couples seeking elegant wedding invitations. With its blend of precision, texture, and affordability, it transforms ordinary paper into exquisite keepsakes that set the perfect tone for a memorable celebration of love.

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