2013 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year! Are you feeling refreshed and ready to put a positive spin on the next 357* days of your life as you journey through the wonderful world of weddings?We’re excited to give you some direction and let you know what you can expect to see and experience this new year, hopefully allowing you to leave your professional imprint and an ultra-personalized touch on the lives of the many bridal couples who come to you seeking guidance as they plan their wedding.A few of the top trends you’ll want to be aware of:
* The bride’s desire to have a truly unique and personalized wedding.
* The bridal couple’s wish to entertain and engage guests for a truly good time.
* The high-speed shift to mobile technology.
Below are some action steps you can take that will substantiate your knowledge of these trends (and a few others) and support your mission to be the best resource you can be for your customers.

* Number based on issue launch date 1/8/2013.


  • Today’s bride wants a unique wedding; one that focuses on personal style. Begin by asking your bridal customers what they would like their wedding to feel like, rather than what they want it to look like. Find out what inspires them, and take action based upon those inspirations.
  • Establish each customer’s budget straight away. This allows you to direct them to appropriate product lines. Know your products well enough to be able to categorize them into three price point levels: high, mid, and low. Be creative when working with extremely limited budgets. Direct these customers to budget-priced products and show them how simple and inexpensive it can be to build unique and exquisite products by accessorizing with ribbons, seals, labels, etc.
  • When faced with customers challenging your pricing, don’t get flustered. Stay cool, calm, and confident as you back your pricing by explaining that you only offer fine-quality products that raise the bar of industry standards. Always exhibit top-notch customer service so that all customers realize the value in it, as well. Be sure they know you are there to help them create a unique wedding personalized just for them!
  • Stay in tune with what is happening in the fashion and entertainment world, culinary arts, and interior design.
    • Keep your eye on the “Red Carpet” to see what designers are doing and what celebrities are wearing; wedding fashion often follows suit. Don’t be surprised if you see leather material incorporated in wedding fashion and stationery.
    • Visit restaurants to see what is being served along with how it is presented. See how casual dining compares to formal dining, so you are able to guide your customers to the proper products and product lines based on the level of sophistication they desire. Take a look at seating arrangements, also. You’ll be able to offer suggestions when the need arises… über professional!
    • Tune into some television shows that focus on interior design and décor. This will give you an excellent idea of what people are going to do with their wedding and reception spaces. Look for graphic patterns to jazz things up this year.
  • Couples want their guests to be happy and to talk about the wedding they attended as the best ever! The key is to keep guests involved and entertained. Couples are promoting good times with activities such as kissing booths, photo booths, yard games, and table games. Personalized favors are another way guests are feeling the love; think along the lines of a small jar of homemade honey straight from the farm of a local beekeeper who just happens to be the groom’s uncle.
  • It is so important that your business maintains a solid presence on the Internet with a strong focus on mobile applications this year. There are free and paid-for apps you can be a part of to get your business out there. The trend has already started for companies to build a mobile platform for their business first and then a desktop platform. You should not only be where your customers are, more importantly you want to be where they are going to be!
  • Technology is leading us to searches becoming more and more social-oriented (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.); smart phones replacing purses (buying online using applications such as Apple Passbook); and concentration on local markets (individual’s location will be the directive for coupon offers and information provided via apps like foursquare).
  • Hipster Chic Weddings – dapper fashion featuring suspenders, bow ties, shorter dresses and bold colors.
  • As for other trendy tidbits you might be interested in:
    • Emerald – It’s been named Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year.
    • Vintage Glamour Weddings – revisit the 1920s and The Great Gatsby.
    • Ritzy Ranch Weddings – rustic settings with upscale touches.
    • Hipster Chic Weddings – dapper fashion featuring suspenders, bow ties, shorter dresses and bold colors.

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