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People often look for ideas from others when they are ready to create their own works of art.

It’s like window shopping in a way. We look to see what catches our eye – what worked for others – and then change it up a bit to accommodate our situation, wants and needs.

Thanks to ever-advancing technology, access to these ideas is easier than ever! We have a window to the world of creativity right at our fingertips. Following are some action steps you can take to open windows for your customers as you work with each one.



• Get creative and assemble a variety of examples for customers to see when they shop your store. They’ll see they’re doing business with someone who cares and really knows what they’re doing.

• Utilize these tools provided by Carlson Craft to spark your creativity as well as the creativity of your customers:

* Wow! It’s in the Details Look Book – More than 50 pages of detailed inspiration focusing on Carlson Craft product to help you get the job done.

* Pinterest – Full of inspiration, Carlson Craft’s Pinterest boards will get your gears turning!

* “Inspire” app – Capture all that inspires you as you plan your wedding. Simply snap a photo, add a note and store them in your INSPIRE gallery on your phone. (Available on the App Store.)

* “Wedding Pics” app – The new, easy and free way to take, share and collect photos… PLUS order unique gifts and keepsakes with your photos! (Available on the App Store.)

• Always keep your eyes, ears and mind open to know what people are taking interest in. What current events and hot topics are people giving their attention to or concerning themselves with? The fashion and entertainment industries often drive the trends seen in the wedding/social industry.

• Listen to your customers so that you can hone in on the look, feel and vibe they’re after when they come to you for direction on creating their own masterpieces.

• Become familiar with the various embellishment extras you have to work with. Doing so will make it easier to assist customers in creating their own unique ensembles. Upselling these items is a great opportunity to increase your profits.




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