The Telling of a Story

Although most couples love to share when, where and how they met, it can get a little redundant telling the exact same story over and over again.

Sharing this fun, interesting, and important information has taken on a new twist in the way of storyline invitation and timeline save the dates. These purposeful products allow an opportunity for the couple to let guests know more about their courtship and upcoming milestone events.

Fortunately, you can accommodate this growing trend. Customers shopping for these invitations and save the dates will find them in Carlson Craft albums such as 20Fourteen™ and Jean M® It’s In the Details™ as well as at our Online Store.

Following are some action steps you can take to promote these fun and functional wedding stationery pieces.



• Albums such as 20Fourteen™, Anniversary Collection™, Save the Date and More! and Graduation Stationery offer this interesting, personalized stationery. Page through your albums to see the unique fun that can be shared with your customers and their guests. If you do not already have these albums and would like to request them, please contact our Dealer Records Department at 800-538-1585 or

• Visit your Carlson Craft Online Store to view these information-packed items. Simply enter “timeline” or “storyline” in the search field and hit enter. If you don’t have an Online Store and would like to increase your sales opportunities greatly, contact us by phone at 800-292-9207 or via email at

• Mention the timeline/storyline items in the signature area of your emails. Talk about them, briefly, in your voicemail recording. Tweet, post and pin about these types of items you have available for your customers.

• Order samples and construct an in-store display that won’t go unnoticed. As you show these storyline and timeline items to your customers, you’ll enjoy hearing some interesting stories about how they reached this point in life.


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