Chalk, Glitter and Much More!

Happy holidays are nearly here again! So let’s dust off and get ready to shine with outstanding customer service, awesome new products and all things trending for the upcoming season.


The chalkboard design is the talk of the town. Check out card YME1220 below, online, or in the Exquisite Greetings album on page 1; it was voted a finalist in Stationery Trends magazine’s Trendy Awards contest!

• Merry Christmas
• Religious
• Thanksgiving
• Winter Scenes

• New glitter cards (Designer’s Choice and Exquisite Greetings albums)
• New laser-cut cards (Designer’s Choice and Exquisite Greetings albums)
• New panel cards (Designer’s Choice and Exquisite Greetings albums)
• Card paper/stock available in new colors eggplant and teal (Exquisite Greetings and Executive Images albums)

Gold foil is a hot pick for imprint color at the moment. The shine it produces adds that extra touch of the holiday season to any card. Gold, red and silver inks remain top selections, as well.

Following are some Action Steps for you to consider as you assist your customers this 2013 holiday season.


Action Steps:

• Listen to your customers to understand what they are looking for when it comes to their holiday card design.

• Spend some time learning about all the new and exciting items available this holiday season. See the trending lists above for starters, as those will be popular this year.

• Start promoting holiday cards now, if you haven’t already. There is still time to take advantage of the early order discounts: 20% off holiday card orders through Aug. 31; 10% off through Sept. 30; and 5% off large quantity orders (1,000 – 4,999) through Dec. 20. Be on the lookout for email campaigns starting in September with promotions and special offers!

• When assisting your customers with their holiday card orders, ask them if they are planning a holiday party or gathering. Let them know you have fantastic holiday party invitations available. This leads to a fantastic opportunity to upsell holiday napkins; some new, uncoined designs have been added for this season.

• Pass this information on to your employees and/or coworkers, so they can offer their utmost in professional assistance this holiday season, as well!

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August 21, 2013

Can my friends and customers order online?

September 4, 2013

Your friends and customers can find an online retailer through Carlson Or if you are interested in offering our product line online please call our New Accounts Dept. @ 800.292.9207.
Thank you.

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