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For the past handful of years now, items personalized with a photo have been rapidly increasing in popularity. Because photos are can be taken just about anywhere at any time (point-and-shoot cameras, cell phones, etc.), it’s easy to understand the wish of the photographer to share them; precisely the reason you’re seeing an increase in the number of items available that may be personalized with a photo. Products in the graduation line are no exception.

Following in Action Steps we’ve touched on some of our most popular items being used to add the ultimate personal touch to the graduation season. Educate yourself on these items; turn the spotlight on them during the peak grad season, and bring awareness to consumers that you have these items available.


INVITATIONS | Photo invitations are available in all shapes, sizes, and COLORS! The increased availability of different color options for a particular invitation design allows you to provide invitations for customers graduating from various schools, colleges, and universities in your area and beyond!

ANNOUNCEMENTS | Like invitations, photo announcements are available with a lot of flexibility when it comes to colors available. Explain to customers that invitations and announcement designs are often used interchangeably. If a design they like is shown as an invitation, simply change the wording to create an announcement and vice versa.

NAPKINS | Stunning ooh la color™ photo napkins are hitting the scene big time! The beautiful colors represented in the photos, designs, logos, etc., are like none other. Napkins are a must-have item for any grad celebration, making them one item you want to be sure to point out to each and every grad customer.

THANK YOU NOTES | Photo thank you notes are also available to coordinate with the colors used on the invitations and/or announcements. Show your customer how easy it is to coordinate their entire grad stationery ensemble in design and color by becoming familiar with the products available in the graduation line.

ADDRESS LABELS | Photo address labels are available in a large size (2 1/4” x 1 3/16”) as well as a small size (1 15/16” x 9/16”) and can carry the graduate’s photo on to the envelope. Envelope icing is another option for your customers to consider.

POSTAGE STAMPS | Customized postage stamps are another way to get the graduate’s photo up front and noticed. When the recipient sees the photo postage stamp on the envelope they get a sneak peek of the photo theme inside. Postage stamps are an online exclusive and are available in a variety of layouts and sizes/weights.

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