Don’t forget! Top things to include on your wedding program

Don't forget to include these things on your wedding program
Wondering what to include on your wedding programs to make them both unique and helpful to guests? Here’s a list of the top things to include (and a tip for having a little fun).

Make your names or monogram stand out on the front of the program, along with the wedding date, time and location. It will personalize the program, and make it a great welcome (and keepsake) for guests.

The participants
List everyone involved in the wedding: the officiant, your parents, grandparents, wedding party, personal attendants, musicians and readers.

The events
Include the order of events, the responses to prayers and the hymn numbers so guests can follow along with the service. Also list the names of the processional and recessional music and solos along with the composers.

Thank you
On the last page, include a thank you message to your guests. This is also a place to mention family members and loved ones who couldn’t be with you on your wedding, and any memorials you have dedicated to them at the service.

If you have special requests of your guests, like no flash photography or turning off cell phones, the program is the place to politely print them.

…and some fun
You can also be fun with quirky with wedding programs. Include a fun fact or detail about each member of your wedding party. You could also write up a little timeline of your “love story” with the dates of when you met, your first date, your first kiss, the proposal, and the big day.

Choose the program design that lets you include all the information you want! Shop all wedding programs.

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