Coping with rain on your wedding day

When brides send out their save the date announcements, they're probably not planning on rain for the big day. But If you wake up the morning of your nuptials only to look outside and see those grey storm clouds rolling through, don't freak out just yet. Rain on your wedding day can be a very, very good thing. In fact, rain has even been said to be good luck. It is believed to be a symbol of fortune and abundance which falls generously on the bride. Here are a few ways to make the best out of a rainy wedding day:

Take gorgeous photos
Grab a few fashionable rain accessories like a cute umbrella, rain boots and a raincoat and meet your spouse-to-be out in the rain with your photographer. Stunning pictures turn out, like this one where the groom is holding his bride close. You could even come prepared with umbrellas for your bridal party and take some memorable group photos in the pouring rain.

Always have a plan B
If you were planning for an outdoor ceremony, always have a rain plan. Talk to the venue to see if they have any indoor options as backups. Some venues will have event rooms with lots of windows to give the impression of being outdoors. If not, it would be a good idea to rent a tent big enough to seat your guests. Think about providing the ushers with umbrellas or ponchos to hand out to your guests should raindrops start to fall – they'll appreciate the gesture!

Prepare your hair
Alright, moisture isn't usually the best for hairstyles. Talk to your hairstylist about creating a look that is going to hold through any weather. You may also want to prepare for any hair emergencies by bringing the right tools to keep your tresses looking perfectly coiffed.

And remember, rain or shine, you should consider your wedding day a success if you're married to the love of your life at the end of the day!

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