Fun wedding photo projects

You’ve spent a good amount of your money and time on a photographer for a big day, and your pictures turned out beautifully – just as you imagined. So instead of putting those photos in a box that will collect dust throughout the years, how about doing something special with them? Here are a few fun and easy ideas:

Custom photo calendar
Enjoy your favorite pictures all year long! January can feature the two of you cutting the cake, February can show you dancing the night away, March can be the exchange of rings, etc. Customize your calendar with creative borders and designs to make it your own. You can relive certain precious memories of your big day simply by glancing at your calendar. During those times when days seem long and hectic, seeing that photo can help bring back that feeling of pure bliss.

Photo book
Need some decor for your new coffee table? A wedding photo book is perfect for your living room and is an array of photos you’ll frequently look through! You can create a custom photo album with Carlson Craft to share your one-of-a-kind love story through text and pictures. All you do is design your custom book, order it and enjoy all of your precious wedding memories.

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