Host a his and hers baby shower

Baby showers aren’t just limited to women – how about inviting the men in your life as well? Coed showers are quickly rising in popularity, and have less of an emphasis on games, with more focus on catching up with family and friends. Here are a few guidelines to stick to for your guys and girls baby shower:

Guy-friendly invitations
It can be easy to lean toward a girl-themed baby shower, but instead pick out personalized invitations that suit all genders. This trendy Couple’s Baby Shower Invitation is perfect, as it shows both a man and woman as they prepare for their newborn’s arrival.

Have plenty of food
Now here’s a party essential that everyone will love: food! Choose dishes that will fill everyone up, like a casserole, enchiladas, barbecue or skewers filled with an assortment of meat and veggies.

Open the gifts together
Mom and dad should both be a part of the gift-opening portion of the baby shower. Take turns opening each gift and get excited about the upcoming birth of your little one together. At coed parties, gifts for dad are welcome, like a World’s Best Dad mug and a few pounds of coffee to keep him awake when he has to take care of junior at 3 a.m.

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