Host an elegant dinner party with these party planning ideas

It’s possible to have a high-class, elegant dinner party without spending an arm and a leg and putting days and days of effort into it. By getting creative, you can have a stylish and classy dinner get-together. Check out these party planning ideas for when you’re entertaining:

Dress up your table
Using table linens, you can bring an accent of color into the room and add interest to your table. This royal blue table cloth brings a touch of elegance and provides the perfect backdrop for the rest of the table decor. You’ll also want to consider placing a centerpiece in the middle of the table to bring the whole look together. It could be a bouquet of your favorite blooms, a glass bowl filled with lemons or even a cluster of candles of various heights and sizes.

Wine glass charms
Personalize each guest’s place at the table with wine glass charms. You wrap them around the stem of the glass and they can say each guest’s name or even be different colors – whichever helps differentiate each glass of wine.

Classy candles
Take the glass cylinders you use to put candles in and make them more sophisticated by wrapping lace or decorative paper around them. Secure with double-stick tape and you immediately have pretty shadows being cast on your dinner table.

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