Including a deceased loved one in your wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and it’s one that you’ll want all of your loved ones to be there for. But it can often be bittersweet if you’ve lost a friend or family member close to you. Just because these loved ones aren’t there doesn’t mean that they can’t still be present to celebrate with you on your special day. Here are a few ideas for including them in your ceremony:

French bouquet
With a French bouquet, you can have this special person right by your side as you walk down the aisle. All you have to do is attach a charm to the stem of your bouquet, like this Memorial Ornament. Grab some ribbon or some twine and attach it to your arrangement of blooms. This way, you’ll say “I do” knowing that he or she is watching over you smiling as you take this leap of faith into marriage.

Pick a song
At your reception dedicate a song to your loved one that was one of his or her favorites. Having that tune play on your big day can serve as a reminder that he or she is still there in spirit.

Words of tribute
Print a few words of tribute in your wedding program that expresses how much this person means to you.

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