Planning tips and tricks for a stress-free New Year’s Eve bash

Planning tips and tricks for a stress-free New Year’s Eve bash

Ringing in the new year with family and friends is an ideal way to spend this holiday, so why not host a party? With a bit of proper planning, throwing a New Year’s Eve bash can be stress-free and fun.

Pick a theme
Not only will this make it easier to choose personalized invitations to send out, but having a set theme also helps the entire planning process go more smoothly. It will help guide your choices for everything from decor to the menu.

Time it right
Timing is crucial for a New Year’s Eve party. You can’t start the party too early, but you don’t want to start it late and have most of your guests miss the midnight countdown. If you’re serving dinner at your party, start it around 8 p.m. If you’re only having a few light appetizers and drinks, you can begin the party around 9 p.m.

Think sparkle
New Year’s Eve is the holiday where you can never have too much glitter and sparkle. Use plenty of metallics throughout your decor. Sparkle can even be used on your food! Cake pops sprinkled with a bit of edible gold glitter and complemented with sparkling gold bows will make your dessert look as good as it tastes.

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