Throwing a casino-themed party

Theme parties can be thrown any time of year, whether you’re looking to celebrate something or are just wanting an excuse to get together with friends. A perfect party theme for an adult soiree is a casino motif – after all, who doesn’t love playing games and sipping on cocktails with friends?

Send out invitations
You’ll need to send out personalized invitations to all of your guests detailing the important information about the event. Everyone should know the theme and the dress code as well as the location, time and date of the party.

Set a color scheme
Because the event is themed around a casino, a black-and-white color palette with splashes of green would probably be the most appropriate. It’s important to stick to a color scheme because it makes it easier to decorate and creates a space that is more cohesive and pulled together.

Playing cards
If you’re having a large group of people over, think about using playing cards as place cards. You can put them at each plate setting for a fun way to stick to the theme and direct guests to their seats.

Sharpen your baking skills and whip up some cookies to look like casino playing chips. All you need is a bit of frosting! You could also bake some red and black cupcakes or macaroons for your guests to enjoy.

Designate tables
Make sure that you’ve rented out a few tables for your party so you can play your favorite casino games. Choose two or three games, like blackjack, poker or Texas Hold’em, and place signs on the table using black or red cardstock so that your guests know which is which.

Serve finger foods
Instead of serving dinner, offer your party guests finger foods that they can snack on in between games. This way, you don’t have to set aside time for a formal meal and people can eat when they want and what they want.

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