Saw it, tried, it… crushed it!

Rubber cement and watercolor DIY craft
Peek-a-boo watercolor art. We almost tripped over each other in a mad dash to the art supply cabinet when we saw this. (One of our perks: Art. Supply. Cabinet.)

Do you know how many ways you can use this technique? We should show you our list. Lots. LOTS of ways.

We decided to make something for a child’s birthday. Water color art, his name peeking out, framed in a mat for the little guests to sign.

What you’ll need:
• Watercolor paper (large sheet you cut or pre-cut sizes)
• Rubber cement and a round brush you’re okay with tossing afterward
• Watercolor paints
• Wide mat
• Frame

Rubber cement and watercolor DIY craft











What you’ll do:
• Draw (if you’re good at freehand) or trace the name on the paper from a printout

Rubber cement and watercolor DIY craft












• Fill in the letters with rubber cement – a hefty amount (scientific, we know) for crisper letters or not so much for a casual outline
• Paint! We used the wet on wet watercolor technique – wet the paper first and then paint on your colors
• When the paint is dry, rub off the rubber cement with your fingers and erase any tracing marks

(Here are some things from our list for weddings: table numbers, place cards, favors, gifts, signage, chair decorations, menus. Go for it, and let us know how they turn out!)

Cost? Under $20 (thrifted frame and mat, back-to-school watercolors, brushes and rubber cement, chain store watercolor paper)

Time? 2-3 hours, including rubber cement and paint drying time (Make it a party. Invite friends over for craft night. Watch a movie while your peek-a-boo watercolor art is drying.)

Repeat. (Better get a couple of movies…)


Rubber cement and watercolor DIY craft













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