You’ll crush on: free printable holiday gift tags

You’ll crush on: free printable holiday gift tags

Tag. You’re it. As in the one who wins the best-dressed gifts this holiday season. Promise.

Because instead of using mismatched stickers or folded up pieces of wrapping paper taped onto your packages, you’ll use our adorable gift tags to give all the “to” and “from” info.

Yep. You’ll crush it. Here’s how:

download the gift tag artwork
• print the tags on card stock
• wrap your gifts (we used kraft wrapping paper)
• tie bows with jute cord or ribbon (you’ll find out how to tie the perfect bows here – this video seriously changed our lives)
• fill out the tags and add them to the bows or attach them with cute patterned washi tape or stick them on with glue dots…you know what to do
• set your gifts under the tree

Then just sit back and watch. Bet yours will be the first gifts they want to open.

Free printable holiday tags

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