2013 Wedding Trends

Each fall we look forward to seeing which colors are on course to trend the following spring in the fashion world. We do this because we base many of our product designs and styles on what our customers want, and generally what they see in the fashion world transcends to their wedding and social world.

PANTONEВ® – a proven authority on color – makes their color-trend predictions based on information gathered from the designers of New York Fashion Week and other fashion gurus. Recently Pantone released their fashion color report for spring 2013, giving light to what we can expect in the way of color in our world. Here is a synopsis of what they discovered this past fall along with a brief look at each of the colors they’ve put on their list and their words to describe them.*

The general observation is that as individuals we definitely seek to express our own unique style and persona. We want to feel revitalized and full of energy. You might say we’ll all be looking to put a little “spring” in our step. We desire to be noticed as one who is fully enjoying life however busy and overbearing it may seem at times. A balanced, invigorated self is the goal this spring, and our color palette will help us achieve that.



  • Keep your eye on the fashion world. The colors and textures you see here are quite often those that will be requested by customers who come to you for your assistance as they plan their wedding.
  • Set up color-focused displays in your store. Show some color-related wedding stationery, accessories, as well as splashes of contemporary color to use as accents with the main color.
  • Develop a marketing campaign to show off the hot colors of spring 2013. Focus specifically on emerald – the top trending color for the year – or include a different trending spring color with each phase of the campaign using a strong format that will immediately let customers know the advertising is coming from your store.
  • Create some colorful bag stuffers that highlight the top trending colors of spring 2013.
  • Add a mini-advertisement to include in the signature section of your e-mails. Include a color swatch and a brief description of the color along with an item or two that you have to offer in this color. Change the color and description on a regular schedule throughout the spring, if you prefer to advertise all of the trending colors and therefore show additional items in your product line.
  • Color is one of the top descriptors bridal couples use to personalize their wedding, be proactive in knowledge of the popular colors and the product you have to support them.

* Some info used in this article and the image above were taken directly from PANTONEВ® / Fashion Home.


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