Birthday Postcards

As a business owner you understand the importance – especially in this day and age – for connecting and staying connected with your business associates, existing customers, potential customers, etc. Birthday postcards provide a very economical way to do just that.

Sending a birthday postcard is a thoughtful gesture that will let the recipient know they are being thought of whether they are a longtime business associate or someone you just met at a convention last week.

Available in a variety of colorful designs, there is a birthday postcard suited for everyone on your contact list. The back of the postcard offers a choice of birthday verse and personalization in the form of a name or company name printed below the verse.

Two reasons we may be seeing this birthday postcard trend:
1. Economic Value – Low cost and less postage needed to mail them.
2. Time Saved – Content immediately seen (no envelopes), not tossed without opening.

Birthday postcards are great for you to have on hand to send out as needed. They are also ideal for your customers, so they can send to those on their contact lists, too.



  • Birthday postcards are featured in the 2013 Business Greetings™ catalog on page 10. Instructions for ordering are available on page 21, with birthday verse options on page 22. Become familiar with the birthday postcard ordering process, so you can efficiently place an order on the spot when you’re visiting with your customers.
  • Order a supply of birthday postcards to have on hand to send to your business associates, existing customers, potential customers, and even friends and family!
  • The current single-piece First-Class Mail pricing for postcards is 33 cents each. The current price to send standard greeting cards begins at 46 cents (1 oz.) each. The savings is pretty enticing if you have a large mailing list. This would be a good selling point when talking to large businesses and corporations.
  • Use birthday postcards to advertise birthday postcards! Advertise the birthday postcards you sell by mailing the information – you guessed it – on a birthday postcard. You’ll definitely grab the recipient’s attention when they receive a birthday greeting and it’s not even their birthday.

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