Getting Personal with Customization

This fall and winter engaged couples will continue to strive to produce a wedding that not only exceeds their personal dreams and expectations, but stands out from the mundane repetitiveness that often rears its head in the wedding industry.

Some couples may be looking for soft and subtle ways to win the admiration of their guests, while others may be aiming to rock and shock their guests. Regardless of their ways and means, they will be looking to you for ideas to make it happen. So whether they come to you as they plan a wedding to reflect Victorian elegance or one that involves bright colors and designs, you can be ready and happy to assist!


Following are some steps you can take as couples come to you for advice and for ordering what they need to perfectly reflect their unique personalities and preferences.


• Listen to your bridal customers without making assumptions. When you listen to them you will know their wishes and requirements, and you will get to know each one’s personality and style.

• Once you listen to your customers and know them a bit better, set out to show them what Carlson Craft has to offer. Assist them in building an ensemble from the ground up that will provide the unique “WOW!” factor they are looking for… subtle or shocking.

• Start with the invitation; the initial tone-setting piece from a guest’s standpoint. Are your customers planning an elegant affair or one that is off-beat, wild and fun? Consider patterns and designs (chevron, ombre, lace, polka dots, stripes, damask, etc.) to accentuate a particular vibe your customer is trying to achieve. Do they have their heart set on their favorite color? Do they want glitter or shimmer? Do they prefer a folding invitation or a panel card? Are they on a budget or is the sky the limit? Help them find their perfect starting point to represent their big day most accurately.

• Once they have an invitation selected you will be able to assist them in factors like printing techniques (thermography, letterpress, Featherpress™, etc.). The most common technique is thermography, but if your customer wants to really uplift the elegance of their wedding, then letterpress or engraving should be recommended.

• The color they choose for their imprint plays a part in the final appearance and level of formality, as well. Keep in mind that the same color may appear differently on a white stock as compared to an ecru stock.

• Lettering style definitely affects in how fun or formal an invitation appears. Styles may be mixed and matched in the form of “main lettering” and “accent lettering” to fine tune how the invitation looks overall.

• Adding ribbons, tulle or other embellishments such as rhinestones, belly bands and tab cards are a popular way to create dimension. Creating a layered ensemble is extremely popular right now, and that makes it easy to customize each project.

• Overlays, wraps and pockets are also popular in customizing and creating dimension. The variety in design, color and texture of these additions support the ease with which the perfect customized ensemble can be created.

• Because today’s trends revolve largely around customization, knowing what “extras” you have to offer to create the personal masterpieces for your customers. The “D-I-Y” link and the “Embellishments” link on the Online Store are fantastic places for finding pieces to pull the entire ensemble together to be exactly what your customers are looking for.

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October 4, 2013

Wish I would have had the above blog to read when I first started my business. I have learned much of it the hard way. I started my business in the midwest, then moved to the eastern part of the country, and for the past six years my studio has been in the west. The demographics of each area are amazingly different, and this has also been a learning experience. The CC blog is great.

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