Breaking the Mold

Regardless of the special occasion being celebrated – wedding, 16th birthday, vow renewal, graduation, retirement, etc. – one trend we’re seeing across the board is that these celebrations are being thought out and planned better than ever!

More specifically, the trend is the focus that is being put on the guests of honor. Hosts are seeking to make the world revolve around their subjects, at least for their special moment in time.

This is being achieved by building the event around effects such as an individual’s style or persona, a couple’s favorite hobby or interest, or whatever it is that speaks specifically about those being honored and celebrated.

Following are some steps you can take to assist your customers as they plan a special event that pays tribute to someone near and dear to them…or even themselves.

Action Steps:

For You | In your product lineup you have items that highlight many different styles, interests, and themes. Become familiar enough with your albums, so that you know exactly which ones to go to when a customer is looking for something specific. You should also know how to use our Online Store search tool to do the same.


• For the Host | Work with your customers who are planning a style-specific event. You might direct them to the Themes & Dreams™ album for starters; it offers a wide variety of invitation ensembles catering to destinations, dreams, and themes. The album code for these items is KB; online you may find them using the online code KE.

• For the Invited Guests | Convey the importance of giving a unique, sure-to-be-loved gift for every occasion…a personalized gift from Carlson Craft. Show your customers the virtually endless options available from the Quite Personally™! line. The album codes for these items are ZQ and ZJ; to find them online use code ZB.


• For the Guest of Honor | Expressing thanks after the celebration is common courtesy. When your customers are purchasing invitations, are they also purchasing thank-you notes? Take these opportunities to upsell these very important pieces of proper etiquette.


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