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Perhaps you are new to the wedding industry and have dedicated a slice of your budget to participate in an upcoming bridal show or two, or perhaps you’re an old pro and know that bridal shows are an ideal place to display great products and make good on the excellent customer service you have to offer.

Regardless if you are still donning your bridal-show training wheels or have been around the block a time or two, make the most of these events to show off all the new and exciting products from Carlson Craft that you have to offer. We’re pretty confident you’ll have exactly what your booth visitors are looking for. Also, be sure that everyone who stops by knows you have the functionality to create completely customized masterpieces, as well.

Take a look at some of the latest trends in the form of wedding invitations that you should definitely consider displaying in your booth this bridal show season.



• Laser-cut designs offer the intricate detail that brides are looking for. Consider displaying invitation RRN4844 “Joie de L’amour” that showcases the result of the laser-cutting technique in the form of the Eiffel Tower… another hot trend.

• The combining of a garden theme and wood grain radiates the vintage charm of invitation RR32330 “Vintage Garden” A trend that is picking up speed rather quickly these days, you might consider playing off the design for the designing of your booth.

• As peacock plumage lead the way as the rich and beautiful theme at many weddings, feathers in general followed suit. To show an elegant example of the feather trend, consider invitation RR57EINNGF “Vintage Linen.”

• The use of typography is taking the wedding invitation industry by storm. It may be because of the many ways it can be designed to alter the way it is perceived. For a dynamic look at the use of typography, you might display invitation RR0012NGA “Terrific Typography” that features a fun and bold typography layout with hearts and flourishes accenting the wording.

• As mentioned above wood grain is quickly climbing the charts as a unique look for a natural element. Some invitations are even being etched directly into pieces of wood for the truly natural vibe. For another glimpse of wood grain, present invitation RR1056NGC “The Nature of Love.”

• Lace is hugely popular right now as brides are looking to incorporate it into their weddings by way of their wedding dresses, invitation ensembles, and reception décor.  Invitation RRN4843 “Dazzling Lace” is a fantastic choice for showing a chic, flourish lace design shown on an ecru card.

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