Milestone Celebrations

Celebrating the special milestones throughout our lives is important, because this is where we pay special tribute to those we know and love and where we make lasting memories to cherish and reflect upon any time we choose.

Besides creating the perfect atmosphere including décor, activities, and entertainment, the main goal of most individuals planning and/or celebrating a special event is to create a party that is unique to the guest(s) of honor and their style. These goals are being achieved by adding personalized touches.

Following are some Action Steps to help you in your professional role as you assist customers when they come to you preparing to celebrate a special event.



  • Keep an open mind and listen to your customers. Once you’ve heard what they are looking for and have a bit of an idea of their personal style and preferences, show them the items you feel will best suit their wants and needs.
  • If customers are undecided on exactly what they want and ask to see the latest, greatest invitations, party supplies, etc., be sure you know what’s trending and what products they might like to see relating to their special event. Product knowledge and awareness is key for you, along with staying in the loop with current trends.
  • The hot colors this summer in party décor look to be bold, bright ones like fuchsia, tangerine, and sunflower. A mix of three or four of these colors along with the Ombre and Chevron patterns is what people will be looking for.
  • An increase in random “just because” parties is being noted, especially girlfriends-themed gatherings. These random celebrations provide you with the opportunity to really upsell favors and gifts galore!
  • Suggest customers put a spin on classic napkin imprint. Rather than names and a date, beverage napkins may be printed with interesting and fun facts about the guest(s) of honor. For example: “Jessica and Ryan went for dinner and a movie (“Titanic”) on their first date,” for a wedding reception or “Jim’s first job was an attendant at Cooper’s Gas Station,” for a retirement party.
  • Personalized napkins are a staple for every party, but a trend in personalized matchbooks is being seen. You can benefit from the renewed interest, because not many restaurants or bars hand them out anymore, and you’ve got them available for your customers to purchase!
  • Work with local entertainment providers at every level (clowns, traveling petting zoos, musicians, comedians, actors, mimes, singers, etc.) to not only get to know them, but exchange business information with each other and start word-of-mouth advertising for each other when working with customers. You might even strike some package deals with some or all of them.
  • Share this information with your employees and/or coworkers, so they, too, can provide professional guidance related to milestone celebrations.

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