Wedding Pics App and Photo Boutique

Carlson Craft has partnered with LifePics to bring you two extra-special innovations that are climbing the trend ladder rather quickly these days. The Wedding Pics app is a new, user-friendly and FREE way to take, share and collect pictures from a wedding and the Photo Boutique allows the use of those photos to create unique gifts and keepsakes.

The Wedding Pics app allows the bride and groom to capture and share their favorite moments of their wedding, enjoy their wedding through the eyes of their guests with the photos they take and share, and ultimately create their story through unique gifts and keepsakes found in our Photo Boutique.

The Photo Boutique on the Carlson Craft Online Store includes canvas wall décor, photo cards and invitations, photo books, phone and tablet covers, wedding pics app and so much more!

Following are some action steps you can take to get started using these two very wonderful and exciting tools that are helping people celebrate life!



• Don’t have a Carlson Craft Online Store? Get started today! Offer your customers the opportunity to shop online – anytime, anywhere – for a great selection of Carlson Craft products. Contact our e-Commerce Department by phone at 866-577-9751 or email

• Watch our Carlson Craft Online Store video on YouTube for more information.

• Already have a Carlson Craft Online Store? Congratulations! Give your customers the opportunity to experience the Online Store for themselves by promoting and advertising your website. New products are continually added to your website, enabling you to offer your customers the latest designs.

• Earn additional revenue by promoting the FREE Wedding Pics app and enjoy the benefits after the wedding through the Photo Boutique on your Carlson Craft Online Store. Open the door to an entirely new product line for all of your customers; one that is easy to manage and virtually sells itself.

• Watch our Wedding Pics video on YouTube for more information.

• The photo product line is also one that creates a relationship with the customer that can create ongoing sales and opportunities. Each “event” you sell to this new and exciting product line extends your sales opportunity and increases your revenue per event.




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