Achieving Uniqueness Together

Here at Carlson Craft our designers are creative, intuitive, and naturally talented. A lot of thought goes into what makes the final cut landing in one of our albums and/or online. Because of this attention to detail and thoughtful consideration, a majority of the time your customers will see something they like and order it as is.

That isn’t always the case, however. As of late, we are hearing from and working with customers who already have an idea of what they want and how they want it to look. When you come into contact with these individuals, let them know that whatever it is they want, together we can achieve it with the flexibility, functionality, and variety of options available to create the custom masterpiece they dream of.



  • There are many resources available from Carlson Craft that provide a glimpse of the endless possibilities for customizing. Get inspired by exploring our albums, Online Store, Wow! It’s in the details Look Book, YouTube videos, Facebook and Pinterest pages, and pass that inspiration on to your customers as you work with them to create their very own, custom masterpiece.
  • Various printing techniques are used to generate different effects. We recommend finding samples in your albums to show customers the variety available. If these albums aren’t in your collection, or if you work strictly using the Carlson Craft Online Store, you might consider ordering samples to have on hand to show your customers the difference in the print techniques. Have a look at some of the most popular:
    – Thermography (RRR8705NHC online or 20Fourteen™ album, p. 39)
    – Debossing (RRR8705NHC online or 20Fourteen™ album, p. 39)
    – Engraving (FV8982Z online or Candlelight Beginnings™ album, p. 71)
    – Letterpress (FR7363ACDL online or Candlelight Collection™ album, p. 90)
    – Featherpress™ (KE132054 online or Themes & Dreams™ album, p. 109)
  • Color affects our moods and emotions; it’s no wonder the emphasis put on color selection when it comes to wedding invitations. Black is usually indicative of elegance, while red induces passion, and blue offers relaxation. Conduct an online search to learn more about colors and their effect on us. You might also visit the Pantone website to view the latest color trends.
  • Like color, typography can also make a statement and carry a theme. Whether your customer is striving for a look of elegance, a reserved impression, or something in between, you’ll have no problem providing it for them. With the vast selection of lettering styles available to choose from and the flexibility in sizing, typography is a fantastic tool for customizing.
  • the addition of embellishments provides that finishing touch to custom creations. Sometimes something as simple as adding a satin ribbon or a colored rhinestone creates the perfect edge of uniqueness your customer is looking for. To see the many embellishments available, visit the Carlson Craft Online Store, hover your mouse over Weddings and then click on Embellishments.
  • Feel confident that no matter what your customers are looking for to create something that truly reflects their style, we can build it.



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