Graduation Announcements

Personalized graduation announcements from Carlson Craft® include traditional and modern designs for celebrating achievement at any academic level.

With peak graduation season just around the corner, you’ll soon be assisting customers looking to express their pride.

Following is a sneak peek at some of the graduation announcements that will be putting the “you” in graduation this year.

Graduation Trends

Photographs are still a class leader when it comes to personalized graduation announcements. We are hard-pressed to find any better way to create an invitation or announcement that is truly one’s own… maybe that’s why they’re so popular.

You’ve probably noticed that many of the trends you see in the wedding sector have crossed over to the graduation sector, wood being one of them. Due to the natural element of wood, it provides an earthy vibe that captures warmth and charm. It is an ideal choice for those going with a rustic or country theme for their graduation celebration.

Another crossover trend is the appeal for all things vintage. Die-cut edges for a crest design; faded, muted and neutral colors; style and design, including the use of flourishes and chalkboard backgrounds, all contribute to this enduring trend.

Layers provide an announcement with depth and character. Some of today’s graduation announcements include wraps, tassels, and die-cut corners for inserting a name card. Announcements may also be accessorized with ribbon, burlap, jute cord, lace, pearls and rhinestones to name a few.

Typography will play a big part in creating unique graduation invitations and announcements, just as it is in wedding stationery. With the wide variety of available fonts, one can reflect a personality, create a vibe, and elicit a feeling with lettering style choice alone.

Graduation Invitations


• As you work with customers looking at graduation announcements, be sure to upsell other graduation items such as name cards, embellishments, open house cards, decorations, envelope seals, gifts, keepsakes, thank-you notes, and napkins. This is the perfect time to upsell ooh la color™ napkins (see this issue’s promotion article for details on how you can receive 20% off these napkin orders).

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